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He is passionate, exciting, attentive, caring, demanding, encouraging, just, calm, grateful, motivating, he teaches you and sees you grow... He builds you, he guides you and if you follow him without ever doubt it's the one you needed... The Coach #mechanicsnmotion

Regards, Cè Lou

This mare was hobbled as a baby, Mark Shaffer style, she was driven and backed, Mark Shaffer style and continues to be trained Mark Shaffer style. I am a strong supporter of the Mec n Mo system because it has worked for me many times over. Thank you for continually improving the system and sharing the knowledge, always keeps me coming back for more 🙌👌

Karen Cornish – Perth Western Australia

Went to the ‘Mechanics in Motion’ clinic on the weekend and my eyes have never been so open wide about what I do and why I do it. 2 days of riding using his techniques – which I have used before just never at the correct time or with enough consistency and I have a completely different horse. It’s amazing what you can achieve when someone sits you down and explains the theory behind your corrections.

If you can only do one clinic a year it has to be a Mark Shaffer. Thankyou so much Mark for being generous enough to share your priceless knowledge with the world. Can’t wait to have you back next year, and of course thankyou to Dave Caleo and Deb for organising it, and of course to everybody else involved at Sundance who was involved in making it run smoothly. I know my thanks are late but first time I’ve had to sit down and write something! Bring on December 2017 😁

Bethan Elinor – New South Wales Australia

Thanks Mark

I really enjoyed the clinic and learnt a lot that I can continue here at home, which is such a bonus. Everything made sense and I didn’t leave thinking I couldn’t achieve anything I was shown which I found excellent. Quite often after clinics I can feel as though when you try to put it into practice it is all too hard, but I don’t feel that at all, so I am very excited and impressed in how you have developed your program.

It would be ideal to have a back up session in about 2-3 weeks, but we can’t always have the things we want. I really look forward to crossing paths again perhaps next year for another clinic. I should have it down pat by then, if I don’t I would expect that you kick my butt, lol.

Thanks again for an excellent clinic and learning experience,

Regards Debbie Cuthbertson

Hi Mark, just wanted to say THANK YOU once again for all the help you gave me at the clinic in Tamworth. I have worked really hard and now have Rubin working properly off both hind legs and his is balanced back on his hindquarter. Its amazing the different feeling now riding him. It feels as though Im actually sitting on top and not in his back. His stride has lengthened, slowed down but I can still feel the push up from behind. Once in a while one of us loses it but hey, at least I know now how it feels to do it ‘right’. I don’t want the hoppy skip thing I see on horses on Youtube I just want the decent push from behind.. At the show on Saturday last I was told he is the best moving horse out there that is a real tribute to you. Next clinic I would love to do one with others who are not beginners so you can pick me apart a bit more so I can strive to do even better. Maybe there will be a private clinic close by where there will be like minded people.

All the best and thank you. See you at the Reichert.

Hey mark,

How are you? Hope you had a great Christmas and all.

Just thought id let you know that we all here had mostve Christmas off but since iv been driving my Pali filly like you said and wow, from the first time I did I could feel by what you meant how this will benefit us so much for when I get on but yes I could get amazing stuff out of her. She’s a different horse after your clinic! She’s actually pleasant to deal with hahaha. And my 2yr old has now met your equipment/methods and is responding well but she’s a much easier horse then the Pali haha.

But anyway just thought I’d let you know and say thanks once again!!



Dear Mark,

Happy new year to you.

I would like to thank you again as i can not begin to describe the impact that you have had on our Training program here, it has completely changed the way both Naish and i are training and teaching, the results are amazing. 2011 was a bit of a challenging year for us here in the show world, both being relatively near to Western Performance we weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms by many of the other trainers! lol

You and your program have re inspired us, so thank you thank you thank you.

We have even set up a wall mounted TV in our main Stable Breezeway that is dedicated to playing the Mechanics in Motion DVDs, our staff know every part of them off by heart.

Have a wonderful 2012

Naish, Kirra & the team at Willowvale Lodge

Dear Mark,

I am going to try to come out to Bismarck again this year to attend your clinic. I just want you to know that I have implemented your training program into our colt starting class, and I am so thrilled with all of the results we have gotten this semester. This has been the first semester where I have required a solid month of ground driving with the inclusion of all lateral work before they have gotten on their horses. Boy, these horses are broke? so anyway, I really want to thank you so much for all of your help and thank you for the videos too. Many of my students have spent some time watching these videos with great success. We work on all of your exercises pretty extensively in my Advanced Western class, again, with great results.

Thanks so much, and hope to see you again at the end of May!

Nicky Overgaard Instructor, Equine Science Program Western Coach, Women’s Equestrian Team President, Zone 7, Region 3 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association University of Minnesota, Crookston 100A UTOC 2900 University Avenue Crookston, MN 56716 Office: 218-281-8127 Cell: 218-289-4469 Fax: 218-281-8694 Email: novergaa@umn.edu Website:www.UMCrookston.edu

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say what an awesome experience I had at your Tamworth clinic. I was only fence sitting as I have had to retire my appaloosa who constantly goes lame. I was the lady with the very long hair! I was devastated that I could not ride, but I was so impressed that you included the fence sitters in your “tests” etc. Normally that is not the experience fence sitters would have at clinics held here!

I already had your DVD but it was so good to see it all in action at the clinic. Your training program is unlike anything else in this country and I know so many people will benefit from it. I hope to have a new horse by the time you return next year so I too can ride at the clinic. I will miss riding my dear friend Timmy but at least he can retire gracefully!

You seem like a truly genuine person and you were a delight to be around. Thank you for bringing your wisdom and experience to our little town of Tamworth. I can’t wait till you come back!! Take care, all the best.

Kind Regards Nicky Nicky Smith Marketing & Sponsorship Manager NCHA

Hello Mark,

I received your dvd back in the spring seeking pointers in helping me prepare my Paint Mare ( she holds her amat superior and open superior in western pleasure currently in Paint ) for my first World Show for Pinto in Tulsa.

Hands Down, I’m so impressed with your descriptions and find your demos and overall explanations of your theories to be completely invaluable. I’ve never seen this form to function success explained this deeply. Being a past successful exhibitor in Amat. showmanship this also brought the in-hand class and it’s detail in parallel to any riding discipline for me.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to demonstrate our improvement at the Pinto World as my mare became injured her second day there…..though we did make a top ten in overo color mares and had a substantial go in amat showmanship (photo attached). Turned out she acquired a bone chip to her rear fetlock and has since had surgery for removal so our year is a bust………..all this has brought me to start riding an unfinished mare who now is 7 that literally has been sitting at home since she was 3. Your pointers are proving to be so helpful for her in being able to slowly bring her along mentally while fitting her physically and having targets and goals that I see as so different from past training. I see the value of bringing balance and proper positioning to enabling her to be successful…….all this should bring her along with less frustration and mistakes.

Thank you for bringing us these explanations and detail in this format to the masses. As someone who has the “need to know gene” this tremendously assists in understanding and bringing a sensibility to each days ride.

Just found out you’ll be in Davidsonville, Md in September and I’m next making plans to attend your seminar at Keri Winter’s farm……….not sure if this new mare is ready for a weekend of intensity at her level of intelligence but I plan to audit I think……….how would you describe the needed level of a horse to actually participate in your seminars?

Thank you again and I look forward to being a sponge that weekend !!!

Brenda Kurtz

Hi Mark,

I got more from your clinic in Tamworth than I could have imagined.

” I got better value from the Yank in the jeans and big hat than the German in joddies”


Hi Mark

I just wanted to let you know that i think i have now worked out most of the kinks that my grumpy mare had! This was due to some of your equipment and def from your clinic!

First off we spent 2.5 hours in the round yard going over my ground games and getting her to slightly work with me, next day was perfect and did all games in 15 mins! Then the saddle went on with your system over the horn and the bungee straps went onto the sides, a few moments of resistance but not too bad, then went on the driving lines nad really did work over those commands to yield and back, move straight etc. then i changed the bungee to under the girth to the curb chain and it was here where we had the most success! her ‘thing’ was to go up in the air throwing her head up and spinning away, this really took away her power and from there on i have won every battle and have been able to really push her on and get her to where i wanted to be all along!! ive loosened off the bungee a bit, have used the shorter bungee piece to the curb chain (you need to add a o ring to join that short peice together) and then attached the bungee length to that so she can get her head up some more but still give me enough control when she She decides to “have a go”! so im now feeling a lot more confidant and able to push her when she needs it. Am looking forward to starting some concentrated training now and looking forward to our first shows later in teh season! ive also used the hobbles on my young arabs and am amazed at the hours saved and immediate acceptance of the saddle and bridle. so THANKYOU

karen sheridan

Mech N Mo driving lines are a great tool for anybody. We have used them on our lounge liners and also on older horses. They helped me develop a jog in less than 8 days before the ApHC world show on a green yearling for the Longe line class and did it the right way. They are quick and easy to use and with no hassle. This product is a must have for anyone who works with yearlings or any other futurity horses. Thanks Mech N Mo!

Jeff Ray Ray Show Horses ApHC Judge

Hi Mark,

Just thought I would drop you a short email to thank you for enabling me to attend the recent Mark Shaffer Clinic. As a show jumper, this would not be the usual type of clinic I would attend, but after watching Mark’s DVD and talking to people who had already attended his clinics, I realized here was one of the true horsemen that we seldom get to learn from. No matter what discipline you participate in, Mark has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is applicable, and he shared this freely with us. I now have some extra tools to help with the young horses as well as the old.

Thanks again

Regards Jenny Walker Kiernan Park Equestrian Center

I took my best performing horse to the Mark Shaffer in Tamworth ( Australia). He is the high point performance paint-bred of Australia and we compete Advanced dressage.

I had the most enlightening clinic to ride and feel the difference between a forehand jog and a more elevated jog WOW to ask for help to increase ‘bend through the ribs’ and get it AND feel it AWESOME to do the more advanced exercises and feel the benefits INCREDIBLE to have a happy, relaxed horse working hard PLEASURE

I get lessons from the best instructors who come close enough to travel ( dressage ). Mark teaches the classical dressage in a way that riders and horses can DO it.

I have been helping at Pony Club and I volunteered to do the warm-up. The usual reaction is boredom. After side pass ( leg yield ) , Arc forehand turns ( turn on the forehand), and backing the reaction was “Jill how do I do that ? “

The reaction we all want from a teenager !!!

Thanks Mark!

Jill Wagner {New South Wales, Australia}

Hey Mark,

Thanks again for the outstanding clinic this past weekend. I watched the DVD several times before the clinic and I have to tell you; I have a completely different understanding of how to apply your principles and concepts now than I did before the clinic. In other words, the DVDs are great, but there is a whole ‘nother dimension of insight and knowledge that goes along with attending the clinic vs. just watching the DVDs and trying to apply the concepts. I’m looking forward to the progress we’ll make in the weeks ahead.

Take care, and I hope your luggage catches up with you!

Polly Remick (and Iris), Willow Hill Equine ‘specializing in enlightened horse care’ Certified EquineTouch Practitioner Bronze Director, Dynamite Specialty Products www.willowhillequine.com

Hi Mark,

My name is Beth and I got the wonderful opportunity to attend your clinic in Germantown Wisconsin a few weeks back. What an experience!!! I immediately came home and went to work on backing and sidepassing. Reality Check!!! The horse I’m working with doesn’t do either well, so we’ve spent alot of time working those exercises as well arc around the cones.

I’ve had great success with slowing him down as well as great response from my legs however, I’m having trouble with him leaning on my hands when he comes out straight.

I must explain that he is an older Western Pleasure horse and likes riding with his head REAL LOW. At the clinic you mentioned high head, low hands, and low head, high hands.

I try and lift him only to have him fall back into my hands.

I’ve learned so much at your clinic and from what I am feeling, this horse is extremely heavy on the forehand and seems to be using his forehand and neck to balance. We’ve had about 6 rides since the clinic and I am seeing improvement in suppleness and straightness but he just can’t seem to get off my hands.

Are their any suggestions you have or is this par for the course? I am hoping as time goes by and he becomes more balanced and using his hindquarters more that he will naturally lift his head.

Thank you Beth

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I’m enjoying your training tapes. I did not purchase your tapes but, my riding partner Lee Goins in Conway, Ar did and she let me watch them. Between the two of us we have several horses that we are riding in different phases of thier education. I really enjoyed watching the videos and love your approach. My favorite exercise is the one with the cones and poles. We set up a course after seeing the results from the first horse we rode over it and used it with all the horses even the one who just has a few rides!!! I hope you will consider putting out more DVD’s. Thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to take my horse to the horseshow at the end of the month!!!


I called you to ask if these videos were appropriate for an intermediate rider and when you said yes, I ordered them. Just wanted to tell you: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about GREAT INFORMATION !!!! Thank you – the best money I have spent. I have an own son of Principle Investment out of a daughter of Zippo Pine Bar. He is not as in love with these DVDs as I am. THANK YOU, AGAIN !!!!! Lenore Goins Conway, AR