Christmas Wish List

Whether you have the chance to attend one of 100x World Champion, Mark Shaffer’s, worldwide clinics in the upcoming year or not, these tools will prove effective in the training of your performance horse and we can’t wait for them to make the perfect holiday gifts!

Before digging into the most highly recommended tools and supplies, it’s important to note that they prove most effective working alongside Mark Shaffer’s professional training curriculum. By watching his video series and working through the “Theory Book,” you will be better prepared to use specialty tack with multiple exercises and new techniques.

These educational materials are especially beneficial if you’re unable to attend one of Mark Shaffer’s worldwide clinics in person or would prefer to join as a spectator. There is much to gain from digging into discussions about theory, and watching other riders apply the methods! Below are Mark’s recommended wish list items if you’re ready to bring your horse to the next level while learning how to apply his training methods:

The Evolution Series - 3 Disk Set - Latest Release

These videos are available on DVD or via virtual streaming, and will introduce methods to improve both the rider and horse’s ability to problem solve during the education process.

Mechanics N Motion Pro Series # 2

The Pro Series Videos start with the selection process covering all aspects of your prospective horse- Confirmation, Movement, Breeding, Disposition and Soundness. He then will take your prospect on a timeline from the all important ground work, to the first 30 days of riding and finishing at the 90 day period. This DVD is applicable to all riding disciplines.

Mechanics N Motion Theory Book 8.4

The 2020 Theory Book includes 84 pages of easy to implement knowledge. Mark Shaffer’s experience is recorded on each page though techniques and exercises, sure to improve any level of horse.


Mark Shaffer has expertly assessed the purpose behind each Mechanics N Motion headstall and bit option, and for those of you riders looking to advance your mid to late age horses, he has two specific gear recommendations. As you attend a clinic with Mark, or simply follow along with his videos and book teachings, these sets are must haves.

  1. Full bridle set w/choice of twisted snaffle { Browband Headstall, Snaffle leather curb, 1/2" no loop reins } - Bit Choice: extra large twist, large twist or medium twist
    1. Full Brow Band Headstall
    2. Snaffle Bit Leather Curb
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    4. Bit Choice
      1. Mechanics N Motion Extra Large Twisted Wire Snaffle
      2. Mechanics N Motion Large Twisted Wire Snaffle
      3. Mechanics N Motion Medium Twisted Wire Snaffle
  2. Full bridle set w/choice of shank bit { Double ear Headstall, choice of curb strap, 5/8" no loop reins } Bit Choice: baby correction, mini correction or short shank spade
    1. Double Ear Headstall
    2. Choice of curb strap
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    4. Bit Choice
      1. Mechanics N Motion Baby Correction
      2. Mechanics N Motion Mini Correction
      3. Mechanics N Motion Short Shank Spade Bit

For experienced riders working with a young horse (between the ages of late yearling to late 2 year old), your must haves list is a bit longer as it includes additional training tools that are necessary for the success of your inexperienced horses. Each of the tools recommended below will assist with your training journey, and be explained in depth while following his educational curriculum.

  1. 2 way hobbles
  2. Mechanics N Motion Drive Line System
  3. Bungy System
  4. Rubber Snaffle w/ browband headstall and snaffle leather curb
    1. Mechanics N Motion Rubber Snaffle
    2. Full Brow Band Headstall
    3. Snaffle Bit Leather Curb
  5. Extra Large Twist with browband headstall, snaffle leather curb and ½’ no loop reins
    1. Mechanics N Motion Extra Large Twisted Wire Snaffle
    2. Full Brow Band Headstall
    3. Snaffle Bit Leather Curb
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Owning these tools while digging into Mark’s educational materials or prior to attending an in person clinic with him will enhance your experience greatly. The Video Series’ and Theory Book will build a knowledgeable foundation of Mark’s training methods, and help you advance your horse’s natural abilities. By owning the gear, headstall and bit combination that Mark recommended for your horse’s experience level, you’ll be setting your horse up for success while training them alongside new experiences and techniques.

Please message us with any questions about recommended products - MNM is here to help share award winning experience with you.